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Here are the requirements to create the latest NPWPfor individuals and freelancers

Before dealing with taxes at the KPP (Tax Services Office), then it is the requirement to do the last NPWP . These conditions apply to the creation of private and private TINs. On average, there are still many people who do not know the mechanism of making NPWP and its requirements.

Thus, the creation of an NPWP will be rejected by the KPP staff or the online system of the Director General of Taxation because the documents brought are incomplete. Therefore, you must qualify to pay taxes on your behalf and on behalf of the self-employed.

Of course, it takes energy and time. So, you have to wait a few more days to get an NPWP from the Tax Services Office (KKP). Therefore, it is a good idea for you to know in advance what requirements need to be prepared to make an NPWP on behalf of a person or company.

These are the requirements to make NPWP for staff via KPP and online

To take care of the NPWP on behalf of that person, you have to take care of it on your own. Therefore, you should not represent someone to take care of the NPWP on behalf of yourself or your business owner. To take care of the TIN, here are the requirements that must be met first. Among them are:

  1. NPWP on behalf of Personal
  2. Photocopy of passport or KTP

The first requirement for anyone applying for an NPWP is a copy of an identity card (for Indonesian citizens) or passport (for foreign citizens) in the form of a photocopy. Try to bring a photocopy of your ID card or passport larger than 1 sheet.


  1. Bring a certificate of employment

The second requirement, you must bring a certificate of employment. You can get this letter from the company where you work. Without bringing a certificate of work, you cannot take care of the NPWP.


  1. Bring a Decree (SK) for Civil Servants

If you work in the field of civil servants (PNS), you can apply for an NPWP by bringing a decree (SK) of appointment as a civil servant only.


  1. Fill out the new NPWP application form

And that’s the requirement to do the last personal NPWP, which is to fill out a new NPWP registration form.


  1. NPWP on behalf of the contractor
  2. Photocopy of KTP or KITAS

The first requirement, you must attach a photocopy of your KTP (for Indonesian citizens) or KITAS (for foreign citizens). Be sure to bring a photocopy of more than 1 sheet.


  1. Wear an Effort Description Letter (SKU)

The second condition, you are also required to bring a company certificate (SKU) issued by the village agency. So, you need to take care of a company certificate (SKU) in the local village first.


  1. Make a declaration letter

The third condition is to declare that the business that is taxed is a business that you will start yourself and not in the name of others. The letter was then signed on a stamp of 6000. And this is the condition for making an NPWP for entrepreneurs that must be known.


NPWP function for individuals and business owners

This Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) has an important function for a person or business entity owner. Because, in some utilities, they now include an NPWP card so you can take care of the administration. There are several NPWP functions that you need to be aware of.


First, the existence of this NPWP is a distinct identity for a person or business owner who declares that you are a person who obeys and obeys the rules of the state. Because everyone is indeed obliged to pay taxes according to their needs.


Secondly, if you take care of the tax administration, you must first have an NPWP. If you do not have a PNP, the tax services cannot be sued. For this, you must first take care of it in order to get an NPWP.


Third, certain public services such as applying for credit from public and private banks, purchasing motorized vehicles, managing business permits, and taking over this passport must include an NPWP. Without NPWP, you cannot request the service.


Therefore, having an NPWP is very important for you personally or who have a field of activity. Because some requirements in the management of public administration require a TIN. Therefore, this is the requirement to create a PNP for individuals and business entities.

How to apply for a personal and independent PNP through KPP

Applying for a TIN on behalf of a person is very easy. You must take care of it directly at the nearest branch of the tax office (KPP). If you take care of your personal NPWP at KPP, the first step is to prepare all the required documents and then go to the nearest KPP.


If the current residence is different from the original residence, please attach a certificate from the local village. And this is the condition for creating a TIN for someone who lives differently.


Then, please complete the new NPWP form provided by the tax officer. Then, the completed form file is then given to the agent. And follow the instructions of the tax officer. Then you will receive an NPWP issued by the Director General of Taxes.


And if you take care of the NPWP for the self-employed, you can go to the nearest KPP. There are several steps that need to be passed. First, complete the requirements for making a PNP for the self-employed, such as a photocopy of an ID card or kitas. In addition, create an enterprise certificate (SKU). And these are the requirements for making an NPWP that you need to prepare at home.


Then you should immediately go to the KPP office near your home. Remember, also include a declaration letter with a 6000 stamp that indicates that the company belongs to you. After that, sign the affidavit. And finally, fill out the registration form for the creation of an NPWP for the self-employed.


Steps to apply for a personal and independent NPWP online

Since the digital age, the creation of NPWP can now be supported through the website. Thus, you can easily take care of your NPWP without the need to come to KPP. The first step, fulfill all the requirements to take care of the NPWP online.


Here are the requirements for creating an online NPWP . First of all, prepare the support files to take care of the NPWP on the official website of the Director General of Taxes. Set up an email account with a personal name. For a personal online NPWP, please scan your KTP/KITAS and then scan the work certificate (private employee) or appointment decree (PNS). For those who take care of the online entrepreneur’s NPWP, scan the business certificate (SKU) or business license (SIUP).


If all requirements have been met, please go to the website page Next, first create an account by registering a personal email. Then, confirm the registration via the link that was sent to the email. Then, activate the tax e-Reg by filling out the NPWP account creation form online.


If the account is already active, please register a new NPWP. You can choose to create an NPWP on behalf of a person, contractor, and others. Next, you need to fill out the electronic form to submit a new NPWP. Remember, fill in the dependents or salary. This is to determine the amount of tax you have to pay.


If the electronic form has been completed, download all the requirements to create a personal or independent PNP. These are the requirements for creating an online NPWP for individuals and contractors that you must first complete. If the conditions are incomplete, the application to create an online NPWP will be rejected by the system.


This NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number) is indeed a must-have for any citizen living in Indonesia. Because, to get utilities, you need to have an NPWP. To take care of it, you must first meet the requirements.


And that’s the requirement to make an NPWP, namely a photocopy of your KTP to a work certificate/appointment decree or a company certificate (SKU) for those of you applying for an entrepreneurial NPWP.

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