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 Here’s the latest Bukalapak call centre to file complaints

For those who are experiencing problems or want to know the latest information, you can contact the Bucalapak call center via telephone and social media  . This integrated information service center from one of the applications is actively providing consumers for a full 24 hours. So if you encounter problems when shopping, call Bucalapark  You don’t have to hesitate to communicate.

This is because the Buclapark Society will help you deal with obstacles, complaints, criticisms, and tips from consumers, which is via online media.It is Bucalet’s commitment to maintain the satisfaction of customers associated with shopping, so the Buclapark team will respond quickly to all complaints or complaints from consumers.

The importance of the role of the Buclapark call centre in the eyes of consumers

All consumer complaints or complaint by this company addressing the alert call center or integrated information center; seeking solutions; and Thus, calling centers play an important role in maintaining consumer confidence in the use of the company’s products.


The same applies to Bukalapak: One of the largest e-commerce companies in Indonesia, it has an active call center 24 hours in seven days There are three ways you can use it to connect to call central services from Bukalapak. First, you can use an interactive phone service.


Second, you can send information via social media or email. Third, you can use the Open Helplist available on the application directly Here is a Bucalapark calling center that can be used when shopping in Bucalapaks can cause problems or problems.


So you can choose a call center service provided by the Bucalapark Society, and try choosing Bucalapark call center services according to the type of complaint you feel when shopping.

Call center to contact Bukalapak user complaint types

Buclapark is certainly one of the market applicants who always respond to all complaints and inputs from consumers.Buclapark Consumer Pole Therefore, these are the types of complaints that must be resolved by contacting a calling center called Bukalapak:

  1. Orders not to come

It’s really troubling if the order package doesn’t come, so consumers need to be clear about the order package purchased, so bucala to contact In addition to contacting the Bukalapak calling center, you must also contact the delivery party. The goal is to get smaller package information.


  1. Harmony of products purchased

The Bucalapa K call   center also serves as an intermediary between sellers and buyers; sometimes buyers are thought to have committed fraud by the seller. Therefore, the buyer has filed a complaint with the call center, and the call center will submit reports from consumers to the relevant departments for the investigation process.


  1. Obstacles when balance is lifted

Sometimes vendors or vendors in Buclapark have trouble when the balance of selling results is withdrawn, which is why they experience maintenance or other factors.This is the Bucalapark call center you have to contact to immediately deliver the balance of the sale fund to the seller’s account  .


  1. No promo benefits

If consumers do not receive the benefits of the stored prototype, they can contact the call center because consumers can contact Buclapark There are many reasons why the benefits of the planned Promos are not available, and for further details, you can request a call center directly from Bukalapak.

And here’s the interactive phone and social media at the Bukalapak call center.

After shopping in Buccaneers, you can contact the application department directly to submit complaints, complaints, comments and suggestions. Buclapark is very open if there are some consumers who want to submit complaints or suggestions.


Not surprisingly, the Bucalapak call center is available in the form of an interactive telephone to social media. The Ukalapak application also has a call center ready to find solutions to complaints or problems.


You can choose call centers alerted by the Bucalapaks. If the complaint or problem you’re experiencing is urgent, this is back Via an interactive telephone is a Bucalapark call center, via an interactive telephone that must be contacted.


This 50813333 interactive phone in Buclapark stands for 24 hours to help consumers who are experiencing problems when shopping in Buclapark.


If you experience complaints that are not urgent or unwilling to voice criticisms and suggestions, you can contact the call centre from Bukalabek via social media.


You can send a direct message (DM) via Bucalapark’s Twitter account via @BukaBantuan Bucalapark’s Twitter account In addition to sending direct information (DMS), you can also provide comments that will later be replied to by social media from Bukalapak.


You can also submit complaints via electronic news or email. Here, via email, the Bucalapark Call Center  . Please write the complaint you feel when shopping in Lapark, then combine the evidence with the form of pictures, videos or filming.


Comparison with supportive call centers if bucala

As an application for online shopping  , Bucalat is also ready to provide consumers within 7 days for 24 hours   So we can report problems over  the weekend, and Buclapark’s help is still helping.


There are many consumers who compare the performance of the Bucalapak call center.On average, consumers return this return Bucalet’s call center service through interactive telecommunications is considered more responsive.


This is because the service through interactive telecommunications is usually for urgent complaints, so the official says solutions C I wonder  if it’s the   Bucalafac call centre that is always busy handling complaints from users   .


However, you even pay a call fee to contact the Bucalapark call centre via this interactive phone So make sure you have enough debt to contact the combined information center from Buclapark.


Some consumers have also stated that filing complaints via social media such as Twitter and email takes longer. Because call center officers via social media are responsible for replying to direct messages (DMs) coming from other consumers.


Therefore, the completion process takes longer compared to using an interactive telephone call center. So if you can’t contact the officer via an interactive telephone line, it’s another Bukalapak call station.


Buklapak is one of the largest marketing apps in Indonesia.So more for consumers to file complaints or complaints Not surprisingly, there are so many call stations to make it easier, so  this is  a  Bucalapark call center that you can connect to when you have trouble shopping.

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