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Procedures for Making JNE Complaints when packages have problems

In the field of shipping missions, JNE is one of the leading expansion companies in Indonesia. However, it is not uncommon for JNE complaints to  keep coming. This is very reasonable, considering that this shipping company is often entrusted to send goods by many parties.

Almost all e-commerce makes JNE a recommendation for deployable expedition services. This is because this expedition service provider can be trusted and prioritise package security at all times until they reach the hands of consumers.

JNE has been operating since 1990 which is a division of PT Citra van Titipan Kilat (TIKI), during which time the company continued to grow. Not only serving domestic courier services, but also serving courier services on an international scale.

Innovation after innovation continues to be developed, until the scale of delivery covers the whole world and all of Indonesia. Because the development of JNE was so rapid, the company finally broke away from TIKI and operated all its business activities independently.

The service of this package delivery company is very good, so it is liked by a lot of people. Various guarantees are provided as a guarantee of the safety of the goods. Most users are satisfied, but there is also a small percentage who are not.

The reason is very common which is the problem in package distribution. Either the delivery time is too long or the package is not a clear trace of its existence. However, in this case, the company does not escape responsibility. Because, there is a JNE complaint service  that you can take advantage of when the package has a problem.

Telephone complaints

Filing a complaint over the phone network is the most common and most preferred  way by cu’s tomer. Because, customers can get an immediate response when submitting complaints. In fact, they can get an immediate solution to the package problem.

Therefore, there is no need to wait long for responses and replies from the company. Unfortunately, JNE’s complaint  over the phone is not free.  You have to bear the cost of the phone when making this way. The following is to make a complaint to JNE over the phone.

  1. Contact JNE Call Center

The first step  you must do is to contact the JNE call centre at (021) 2927 8888. Wait a few seconds for it to connect to a carrier that automatically answers your phone.

  1. Press correctly the proposed extension number

When charging your phone, the operator will mention a series ofest numbers specific to the customer’sneeds. Listen carefully to the extension number that will handle the packet issue.

Because if you press the wrong extension number, then your  complaint  will not be responded to.  Please repeat the call and call the correct officer.

  1. Raise your complaint

Once connected to the correct extension number, there will be an attendee to  serve  you and help solve your package problem. Communicate  all  your JNE complaints in good language and way so that the officer can understand well.

Complaint by official JNE email

If you don’t like expressing package problems directly through a phone connection, then the solution is to communicate via official JNE email. The advantage of this method is that you can write all the complaints and grievances in detail freely.

In addition, the cost of JNE complaints via email is much cheaper than what is communicated over the phone. Because, you only need an internet connection. However, the mission will provide a slower response. However, they will help solve your package problem.

You can simply send an email to the address. According to our advice, if the problem with your  package is very urgent, it’s best not to make a complaint like this.

Complaints with Social Media

One way to complain about your  package problem is through JNE social media. This package delivery provider company is one of the largest following the development of the times. This is evidenced by his presence on various social media platforms.

This social media can also be used as a place to communicate various JNE complaints  from customers. Perhaps, this shipping company will respond quickly either by commenting on posts or direct messages.

This proves how open JNE’s services are to its service users and as a way to maintain customer trust.  You can contact this package delivery service company JNE (facebook), JNE_ID (twitter), and jne_id (instagram).

Complaints by asking Joni who has provided them

In addition to the call center phone connection, JNE also provides a chat feature with a very quick response on its website page. Named Ask Joni, this chat feature is a live chat service  with  customer  service that has been provided to take care of all customer complaints.

When you open the Ask Joni feature, the system will ask you  to   fill in some personal data closely related  to your package. Make sure all data cited are accurate and appropriate.

After that, the server will connect your  application and look for customer service that can serve JNE complaints. When the  customer service bu  ng was contacted with a live chat, then you can submit all complaints about package problems.

Customer service will provide solutions to these problems directly at the time.  You only need an internet connection to be able to makecomplaints like this. Theespon given is also much faster than by email.

Most frequently submitted types of complaints

Every customer’s complaints are definitely different, considering JNE is a very large shipping company in this country. Therefore, different types of complaints came in from different parties through different media.

From the many complaints, it turns out that the essence of everything outline can be extracted and made into several groups as follows.

  1. Package delay

Package delays are a very frequent problem. Factors affecting the delay of this packet include congestion, damage to the expedition car when sending the packet, road damage, or many more unpredictable things.

  1. Wrong dispatch

Packets sent incorrectly are certainly common, what else if the address is ambiguous and similar to someone else’s. Although the package may be resembled, it will be very fatal if it turns out that the package cannot be withdrawn from the original recipient.

  1. Lost Packages

Missing packages often occur due to suction or left behind in other JNE jobs. Especially when the number of deliveries is large, it is not uncommon for some to escape data collection and be left behind. This is certainly causing JNE complaints to  increase.

  1. Broken kit

Damage to goods transported using expeditionary services is indeed very fragile. Because, in the process of transporting and sending goods, they will be pillaged, discarded, and other activities that can harm the goods.

Therefore, JNE provides a guarantee for damage to goods.  You can also increase security in ships by using certain services. For example, for electronic goods that are prone to damage.

  1. Unsatisfactory Service

Unsatisfactory service is one of the reasons why many customers complain to the shipping company. Because, definitely not everyone will feel happy when they are served parsimoniously and seem disrespectful.

JNE complaints are the prerogative of  every customer. because not only in the best interest of customers, but also in the interest of JNE to continue to improve its quality in the field of missions.

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