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New Telcomsel Call Center to improve service

Consumers are very welcome to have a new Telcomsel call centre, called Caroline or on-line customer care. This is not surprising, because the services provided can actually make consumers, one of the types of services provided is 24-hour non-stop.

These services make customers feel safe and comfortable. How can consumers be able to file all the complaints and problems without giving them a specific time? Consumers can complain flexibly without fear of being outside working hours. Without a doubt, call centres have an important role to play for a company’s loyal customers.

Not only as a forum to accommodate customer complaints, but also as the call center plays a role in providing education and authentic information on behalf of the company. This does not require consumers to repeatedly check the various sources for the facts of the information. In addition, it is also an opportunity for companies to increase sales through attractive offers.


 Before the new Telcomsel Call Center policy, Telcomsel customers can call service centers at no. 155 before August 2017, and no cash or free charge are charged for using the service at 155.

The lack of fees or charges certainly brings happiness to consumers. Consumers do not need to prepare a special budget for the use of this service. Consumers are free to obtain information or complain about this product.

This, as revealed by a general manager of Telcomsel’s Customer Service Management Department, is not only a division in handling customers’ complaints and complaints at the newly opened Telcomsel Call Center , but also as a counterweight to the latest products launched on the market.

This means that the role of the Call Centre Officer in providing education and services is crucial when it is known that there are still obstacles or are not ready, which have been put on the market. So that it does not exist in a company.

Support for other departments, such as marketing or sales, is crucial for this division. After marketing or sales offer products, the call center plays a role in servicing complaints, obstacles and complaints about products offered to customers by marketing or sales.

New Telcocomsel Call Center

To contact the new Telcomsel call centre, of course, this is a difference from before, especially for contacts of the call center before or about four years ago in August 2017. Telcomsel customers, as symmetry and card users, can call 188 if they wish to call the call centre.

It has certainly become the company’s policy to change customer service numbers from 155 to 188. Call the call center number 188 and contact the customer service officer for a single call RP.300. Of course, the rates are very cheap.

You don’t need to prepare a big credit. If you have only a credit of RP.5000, you can already use this service without limiting it on time, which means when needed. So you don’t need to worry about losing a lot of credit.

Caroline, The New and State-of-the-art Telcomsel Call Center

The newly opened Telcomcel call centre is Caroline, an acronym for customer care on-line, providing a satisfactory 24-hour non-stop service to all Telcomsel customers, which has also spread across major cities.

Based on Telcomsel data, they revealed that Caroline receives a lot of calls every month. It has about 1.4 million subscribers. Fantastic numbers are undoubtedly significant. This is compared to the number of Telcomsel consumers spreading in different cities and regions.

Of the nearly 1.4 million consumers, more than 90 percent of existing calls could soon be connected directly to a customer service officer. It’s less than 15 seconds. There is no need to doubt the main capabilities of the Customer Service Officer team company’s products.

To provide the best service, Telcomsel not only offers an understanding of its products but also reflects the culture of a region. Understanding local culture is the key to serving customers. Therefore, it is not difficult for Caroline officers to handle or handle consumers with a certain and specific culture.

This is the best service for consumers in different regions. Officers have a different cultural background, but consumers also feel satisfied. Because Officer Caroline is capable of adjusting and has the best adaptability.

Caroline’s contact numbers vary for customers. Good for domestic and foreign Telcomsel card customers, support ing merchants. If you want to get official information on Telcomsel’s website, you can get the correct contact number and contact it.

Customer service and customer service

Caroline has a new Telcomcel call center system , customer relationship management, which undoubtedly is important for an enterprise organization, which seeks to ensure better management for customer and company relationships, starting with recording sales activities and collecting data.

The advantage of a CRM system is that all forms of communication and interaction with customers can be optimized and monitored by various platforms. Through various platforms and services. Whether it’s on the phone or chatting. Consumer data is certainly very important, and companies will keep it a secret. You can control all kinds of communications that occurred to Telcomsel.

For example, customer service teams and customers have been in contact. However, the customer service team does not happily serve its customers and therefore can be used by the company to monitor and improve the performance of its employees. The example of the root of this problem is that the customer service team is not used to handle customers, because the company will seek solutions.

The solution used by the company is to improve capacity or training. However, if the Customer Officer team actually has that capability, it is that the same service procedures are not carried out correctly or in accordance with sops, and then the behavior may be a step towards a company making a decision on a policy.

CRM or customer relationship management with integration system service, of course, involves the personal information of consumers. Such as phone numbers, names, and residential addresses. Not only customer issued data can be collected on the system. It will be seen as a step towards providing the customer service team with the best possible data set.

When the consumer contacts a team of customer service officers, they will be able to respond. The given response is accurate in the short term and on the basis of the owned database. Data are certainly very important. Of course, the company will guarantee that. Therefore, you  will no longer have to delay using the new Telcomsel Call Center service.

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