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When it comes to the West Java regional police, it is certain that they cannot be separated from the sanctity of serving but it is difficult to eradicate injustice. This is due to the philosophy made by the Sundanese people and each time they are close to nature to remain calm and calm. But when it’s on the mission, people still respect it, for it’s hard.


Currently, there is actually a new state police commissioner as a replacement for the old one caused by something special. We can discuss a lot about the West Java state police including all the best units of their pride that are the most powerful as far as a well-known surveillance team as far as they are on Indonesian national television.


Who is the latest Police Chief in Java West at this time?


If you don’t know who is the real west Java regional police leader, then the answer is Irjen Ahmad Dofiri. In fact he was appointed as a replacement for Irjen Rudy Sufahriadi who was removed from office on charges of not complying with the latest medical procedures. This has to do with the return of one of the scholars to Indonesia.


The new West Java police chief himself is still one of the people of Imahi who grew up and received education in the state. Irjen Ahmad Dofiri was born on June 4, 1967 and already has one wife and 3 children. The family became a disappointment for him to be the best free man.


The beginning of Irjen Ahmad Dofiri’s work himself began when he entered tangerang Police Station in 2005 where he immediately occupied the position of Kassubag Jabpamentil SDM Police in the Republic of Indonesia. He then went on to police in Bandung in 2007, during which time he began to hold many important roles for his unit.


Additionally, the new West Java Police Commissioner has actually entered Densus 88 so we don’t need to doubt its quality. Irjen Ahmad Dofiri helped secure the country from terrorists. He has also written a book on the eradication of terrorism crimes in order to provide useful knowledge to the community.


The text of this book is based on the unique expertise of Irjen Ahmad Dofiri, a former South East Sulawesi Regional Police Chief. The Sulawesi region itself is notorious for being very dangerous globally by terrorists, especially in and around Bosaso. Therefore Irjen Ahmad Dofiri dared to decide whether to join the fight to eliminate it.


The Unit Booliska Best of West Java Regional Pride


Currently in West Java, it is similar to other areas where it is equipped with complete police units or units, one of which is the DVI. This section has a job to do with identifying victims of natural disasters or dead crimes. It is no different that way in that there is Inafis who is responsible for the fingerprints.


Additionally, java’s western Java police commissioner also has a special role in the formation of beach policing and tourism. Of course, as the names seem, he will be in charge of coastal and tourism security. There are often minor offences such as theft or vesting. Another task is to help those who have lost or lost track.


This is very different from other units like QM which have a larger task which is how peacekeepers are sent to war territory. Therefore, it is an honour if one of the members of the West Java police force is elected as a UN officer. Even when they return home, they are often rewarded with a reward.


There is also densus 88 tasked with eradicating all forms of terrorism in and around western Java. Of course, prevention as a preventative is the best option the unit always does. Moreover, given that Indonesia is a dangerous terrorist to be infiltrated by terrorists, let alone hiding in the madification of religions.


Next up are the K-9s where it’s really so cool because they’re equipped with dogs as officers. They are able to discover different types of important things like drug bodies. Lastly, there’s a unit that’s no less cool which is where climbing where it’s useful to wait for when there’s a demo or a crowd of times.


Famous Targeted Militia Groups Established in West Java Regional Police


In addition to being well-known for their units, it turns out that many areas in West Java have formed their own security-waiting teams to wait for security, one of which is the Jaguar team. Jaguar itself was created and led by Iptu Winam Agus the leader and it turned out to have succeeded in stabilizing all the different social movements, especially depok and its surroundings.


This has in fact made the western Java police commissioner  very appreciative of their ability to secure their neighborhood. We can see for ourselves that Jaguar is able to lower crime rates through its anoses on television shows. Indonesians are also calmer if the police are always able to protect their area so there is no more crime on the roads.


Especially actually cracking down on motorcycle bandits is truly one of Jaguar’s ambitions, especially in South Jakarta. This is more or less the same as the Pradu Group of Bandung, whose original aim was really to crack down on motorcycle gangs. In addition, Bandung is at risk of quarrels with gangs because of the many associations they have.


Furthermore, Although Bandung is really very difficult as far as it reaches legalization and so many parties join prabu’s group. Then, from the street crime unit, to the drugs of the West Java provincial police,  they cooperated. Another group of Cobra from Bekasi is also responsible for maintaining security and order there.


Bekasi itself is still a major city, and is made up of many organizations comprising of organizations or burqa groups with motorcycles. The result is to avoid fear of crime, screaming and gang motorcycles that are to be protected. Here the Cobra team is always able to patrol every night enough for a sufficient number of employees to contain potential crimes.


How to Report Problems of Violent Crimes to the State Police


If you feel that you are witnessing or feeling the crime first, you can report it directly to your nearest police station. This is the best course of action because usually despite being reported by the call center and the overall patrol team must report to the office officially.   So, everything will be taken care of better.


However, this initial step, aside from being reported directly to the West Java regional police office, can now be contacted by other means including call centres and social media. If you want to contact the center over the phone then call 110. This number is of course of course active at all times for 24 hours.


Calling this call center is also free, because this is a service served by community residents. Later you can report anything, not just the crimes but not just the accidents or violence accidents or violence of citizens, especially what is related to shouting or fighting, they should interfere with the order-making then we have to solve them immediately by calling the authorities.


In addition to the call center, contacting the office can go through social media, i.e. facebook, Instagram or Twitter for a live account. But please be aware that not all police units are equipped with their social media platforms. So, you have to know the real math because often there are some fake accounts.


It is also advising you to residents of West Java and its surroundings to always be ready to have an official call center or social media numbers. In addition, you enable you to communicate with related festivals, if the crime occurs for yourself or others.


Given how serious they are to serving the community, it is not surprising that in the future it could serve as an example for other states. Especially direct service system such as forming patrol teams across different regions.   In addition, the West Java regional police continue to improve themselves to stay in it so that they are often present as fellow people.

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