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Bandung, the capital of West Java with interesting facts

The capital, West Java , is located in Bandung. There are so many people who love West Java province because of the natural beauty and cold that tourists can feel. So this province of West Java has 18 districts and 9 cities. Bandung as the capital was founded on September 25, 1810 so it is quite old.

If so far the capital of a province or country is often compared to a large area that is dense and looks saturated, but different from the city of Bandung. There are many interesting things that you can enjoy alone or together with the closest people.

With years that have crossed 2 centuries, it turns out that Bandung was a silent witness to the historical journey of the Indonesian nation and the world. There are also many important moments happening in this city of Kembang. If you feel curious about various interesting facts for the city of Bandung, then you can read the following reviews.

Origin s of the capital Of West Java

Enter the first fact, the origin of the name Bandung that perhaps many people do not know, including the people in it. Thus, this Flower City was actually created in the process of forming the Citarum River from lava thrown out by Mount Tangkuban Perahu. It is believed that the area that originated the city so it was named by the word Bandung which comes from the word bent.

However, there are those who mention that the origin of the city’s name is a Sundanese philosophy that has a sacred phrase, which is “nge-Bandung-an Banda Indung”it turns out that it means everything that exists and lives on earth, as well as an atmosphere that seeks living beings and inanimate objects.

The capital of West Java is one of the areas that is still dense with various types of sundanese culture. Thus, it can be said that Bandung has a rather philosophical name in which it includes nature as the place of all living beings and inanimate objects that will be born and live on Earth, and its existence will be witnessed by the Almighty.

Although it is quite philosophical and has many meanings, not all people from Flower City understand it. Starting from the very choice of name, it already has a historical meaning that is unique enough for Bandung to look like it needs to be explored.

The capital of West Java is also the capital of Asia and Africa.

The next interesting fact that you can  find in the City of Flowers is often called the capital of Asia and Africa. At that time along with India, Myanmar, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Indonesia turned out to be one of the pioneering countries of the Asian-African Conference held in 1955.

The purpose of the conference was to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between the countries of Asia and Africa, as well as to fight Western colonialism. At the time of the conference, it turned out that the city of Bandung hosted the Summit and that 29 countries from the Asian and African continents participated in it.

The Capital of West Java managed to produce 10 points of agreement at the conference. She eventually stated the statement of Dasasila Bandung so that she became the seed for the formation of the non-aligned movement in 1961.

Moving and daring to be a witness to the world, it turns out that the city of Bandung was once called the capital of Asia and Africa even though it was not official. Even at that time the prime minister from India said that “Bandung is the capital of Asia Africa”.

Even today, the building used for the conference still stands firm. One part of the building is used as an Asia-Africa Conference museum that some tourists visit to get an educational holiday for children. The city of flowers is really interesting because tourism is quite complete.

Known as the Sea of Fire in Bandung, the capital of West Java.

You may be  familiar with the song Halo-Halo Bandung, where the lyrics mention that we are Bandung’s sea of fire. For those who are not Bandung’s men, they may feel curious what Lautan Api means. But if  you  took a history lesson when you were in elementary school, you must have understood that.

So what is meant by Bandung Lautan Api is the historic moment of March 23, 1946.At then there were about 200 thousand residents who burned their homes, making the city like a sea of fire.

Residents burned down their homes and left Bandung to head to mountainous areas in southern Bandung. Mass burning of houses is certainly impossible without reason, so the community is trying to prevent Allied soldiers and Dutch NICA soldiers from using West Java’s capital, Bandung,  as a strategic military headquarters during the Indonesian War of Independence.

This event is, of course, very historic for Indonesia so it is known in a song that may have been remembered by the younger generation so far as well. This rather heroic historical event will continue to be remembered until this moment.

There is even a Monument of the Sea of Fire bandung that you can  find in memory of this historical moment. The location is in BKR Street, Ciateul, Bandung.   You can visit the monument with your children or the closest people.

West Java’s capital, Bandung, becomes a fashion hub

In addition to history, it turns out that the city of Bandung has another thing that is quite interesting, and that is one of the fashion centers in Indonesia. It has actually become a fact that in many famous places where Bandung is the best fashion place to be found.

The capital of West Java is often visited by fashion lovers. In fact, it’s been a very long time since the City of Flowers is one of the fashion centers in Indonesia.  You can find a variety of well-known brands from abroad and the domestic world that can be purchased at standard prices.

If you want to get a well-known brand from abroad, perhaps the price is not much different from some other places. But if you want to get local produce, then believe that fashion in Bandung provides relatively cheaper prices.

So far , the capital of West Java is as a business center. How manycompanies in clothing stores are looking for a variety of the latest fashion models at affordable prices for resale. Not just for Bandung’s people, it’s often done by some people outside the area.

The public highly appreciates the uniqueness of Flower City as one of the fashion centers in Indonesia. Almost all tourists who come to the city will surely look for shopping centers at fairly cheap prices.

There are still so many interesting facts that you can  find from the city of flowers. As one of the Indonesian people, it is very important to know the potential of this one city. This is evident from the large number of tourists who always visit the Bandung area just to get to know the interesting side of the city.

You can try to enjoy your vacation in the Bandungarea area and feel quite daunting comfort when you are in  the West Java capital with the closest people.

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