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Bandung, the capital of West Jave with interesting facts

The capital city of West Java is located in Bandung. There are so many people who love the province of West Java because of the natural beauty and cold that tourists can feel.  So this province of West Java has 18 districts and 9 cities. Bandung as the capital was founded on 25 September 1810, so it is quite old.

If until now the capital of a province or country is often similar to a large area that is dense and looks saturated but different from the city of Bandung. There are many interesting things that you  can find in Bandung to enjoy yourself or together with the nearest  people.

With an age that transcended two centuries, Bandung has  quietly witnessed the historic journey of the Indonesian nation and the world. There are also many important moments in this town of Kembang. If you feel curious about the various interesting facts for the city of Bandung then you can read the following reviews.

Origin of the Capital of West Jave

Enter the first fact, the origin of the name Bandung, which may not be known by many people, including the people in it. This florist town was formed in the process of creating the River Citarum from lava, which was ejected by mount Tangkuban Perahu. The area that was formed was supposed to be a city, so it was given the name bandung, which comes from the word bendung.

There are also those who mention that the origin of the city name is a Sundas philosophy that has a sacred phrase, namely “nge-Bandung-an Banda Indung”, it turns out that it means everything that exists and lives on earth, as well as an atmosphere that begs for living beings and inanimate objects.

The capital city of West Jave is one of the areas that is still dense with different types of sundane culture. Thus, it can be said that Bandung has a fairly philosophical name, where it includes nature as the place of all living beings and inalive objects that will be born and lived on Earth, and its existence will be witnessed by the Almighty.

Although it is quite philosophical and has many meanings, not all people from Florist have understood this. It start with just a choice of name, it already has a historical significance that is unique enough to make the bandung look to be explored.

The capital of West Jave is also the capital of Asia and Africa

The following interesting fact, found in  The City of Flowers, is often called the capital of  Asia and Africa. During this time, together with India, Myanmar, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Indonesia proved to be one of the pioneering countries of the Asia-African Conference held in 1955.

The conference aimed to strengthen the Brotherhood’s ties between the countries of Asia and Africa and to combat Western colonialism. At the time of the conference, the city of Bandung appeared to be the host of the summit and was attended by 29 countries from the Asian and African continents.

The West Ham capital was able to produce a 10-point deal at the conference. Dasasila Bandung finally made a statement that in 1961 she had become the amed for the emergence of a movement that was not coordinated.

Moving and daring to witness the world, it turns out that the city of Bandung was once named as the capital of Asia and Africa, although it was not official. Even then, the prime minister from India said that “Bandung is the capital of Asia Africa”

Even today, the building used for the conference is still standing firm. One part of the building is used as a museum of the Asian-African conference, which some tourists often use for educational holidays for children. The flower town is really interesting because the tourism is quite perfect.

Known as the Sea of Fire in Bandung, the capital of West Jave.

You may be familiar with the song  Halo-Halo Bandung, where in the lyrics mentions that we bandung sea of fire. For those who aren’t bandung people, they may feel curious about what Lautan Api means. But if you  learned history when you were in elementary school  , you had to understand that.

What bandung lautan api means is the historic moment of March 23 1946.At, when there were about 200,000 residents who burned down their homes and made the city a sea of fire.

Residents burned down their homes and left Bandung to go to mountain areas in southern Bandung. Mass burning of houses is certainly impossible for no reason, so the community is trying to prevent allied soldiers and Dutch soldiers of NICE from using the West Ham capital of Bandung as a strategic  military headquarters during Indonesia’s war of independence  .

This event is, of course, very historic for Indonesia, so it is known in a song that the younger generation may have remembered so far. This rather heroic historical event will continue to be remembered until this moment.

There is even a Bandung monument to the Fire Nightmare that you can find in memory of this historic  moment. The location is on BKR Street, Ciateul, Bandung.  Guests  can visit the monument with children or loved ones.

West Jave’s Capital, Bandung, Becomes a Fashion Center

In addition to history, the city of Bandung also has one thing that is quite interesting, namely one of the fashion centers in Indonesia. It has actually become a fact that in many known where Bandung is the best fashion place to be found.

The capital of West Jave is often visited by fashion lovers. In fact, it has been a very long time since the city flowers are one of the fashion centers in Indonesia. You  can find various well-known brands from abroad and on the domestic market that you can buy  at standard prices.

If you want to get a well-known brand from abroad, the price may not be much different from  some other places.  but if you want to get local products  , then you believe that fashion in Bandung provides  relatively cheaper prices.

Until now, the capital of West Jave is like a business center.   How many companies in the clothing store are looking for different latest fashion models at affordable prices for sale. Not only for Bandung people, it’s often done by some people from the area.

The uniqueness of the floral site as one of the fashion centers in Indonesia is a highly regarded public. Almost all tourists who come to the city will definitely be looking for shopping centres at fairly cheap prices.

There are still so many interesting facts that you can find  from the city of  flowers. As one of the Indonesian people, it seems very important to know the potential of this one city. This can be seen from the large number of tourists who always visit the bandung area only to know the interesting side of the city.

You can try to enjoy a holiday in the Bandung area and  feel quite scary comfort when you’re in the capital of  West Jave with the nearest people.

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