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History of LPSE West Java, its main tasks and functions

Have you ever used the services of LPSE West Java?   Like other similar services in the county, this agency serves the management in the field of technology and information. This is done to facilitate the execution of the purchase of goods and services by electronic means.

LPSE itself stands for Electronic Procurement Service. In this case, you can find purchasing officers at institutions and regional functions that do not yet have an LPSE electronically. In addition to facilitating these officials, it also serves thefacilities of goods suppliers and pin the area.

History of LPSE West Java

There were several important events that underpinned the establishment of the institution. Are you interested to know this? That’s right, in 2009, the provincial government of West Java apparently decided to review or change the SOTK or governance organizational structure in the province of West Java.

Some of the changes made, including the creation of a new unit. This is the West Java LPSE.   The new purchasing unit is actually a combination of the Procurement Services Unit and the LPSE. The decision was taken in accordance with the instructions of the Corrupt and the KPK Prevention Delegate.

At that time, the formation of the unit was also mutually agreed upon. Finally, the provincial government of West Java officially owns an LPSE unit and ratified in accordance with the applicable legislation regarding the establishment of LPSE in the local lignkungan, precisely Law No. 112 of 2018.

The office is now housed under the Economic and Development Assistant. The unit has an important task in mixing the procurement of goods and services. This is done through the services of korordination. In this case, the new unit will provide joint services to all communities in the provincial government of West Java.

The unit also has some great partners to make its job easier to do. Some of the partners accompanying him are LKPP or the Government Goods/Services Procurement Policy Institute. Other partners include INAPROC and the Legal Documentation and Information Network/JDiH of the West Java Provincial Government.

  Lpse West Java Features

What about the tasks of the unit? The unit has quite a few tasks. One of the tasks to be performed is to coordinate the execution of tasks on regional devices. They are also responsible for performing administrative services in the procurement of goods and services.

The management of goods and services includes electronic management, representation of interests to the authority of  the provinsi, in order to carry out assistance in accordance with their area of responsibility. Deconcentration is also one of their most important tasks. Not only that, the West Java LPSE unit  must also formulate general policy and administrative coordination.

If further described, the unit has several  important fuses in this area, including:

  1. Administration at the Office for Trade in Services and Goods

In this case, LPSE is tasked with managing the Bureau of Procurement of Goods and Services. This should be done by the staff in accordance with the tupoksi of their work.

  1. Organising general policy formulations

 Lpse of the province of West Java  also functions as an implementation in terms of administrative coordination, guidance, supervision, formulation of general policy, to control in the field of procurement of goods and services.

  1. Evaluation

The unit also has a function in conducting evaluations. In addition, reporting on the results of the performance of tasks related to the procurement of goods and services should also be properly carried out.

  1. Other features

In addition to the three functions above, the unit also has a task as a function. The performance of the functions listed here is to perform other functions in accordance with their main functions and tasks.

The establishment of the LPSE in this case is clear evidence from the government. The provincial government of West Java in this case is very serious in ensuring the execution of tasks that need to be properly integrated. That way, the goal of increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the task will run smoothly without obstacles.

Legal basis for the establishment of LPSE

What are the underlying characteristics of the establishment of the  West Java Provincial LPSE?  The purchasing unit has indeed been set up as well as possible, so that all tasks and obligations can be carried out with full responsibility in the future. LPSE in each provincial government also has its own legal basis.

The legal bases of thesaid companywere then used as the basis for its creation. There isapa foundation that is indeed a basis for the establishment of the institution.  Some of them are:

  1. Improving the quality of human resources

One of the foundations that this institution has established is that the quality of Human Resources is improved more. With this setting, everything can be made easier electronically. So people can also participate in improving their skills.

  1. Increasing the role of society

The basis of other West Java LPSE services  is to allow the community to play a more role in the field of development. Not only that, the mass media in this case are also desperately needed to participate in the field of development.

  1. Development of technological media

In a world as advanced as it is now, technology does indeed need to be improved. The existence of LPSE is also based on technological development. This is done to support cultural preservation of economic growth in Indonesia.

  1. More optimal use of technology

The use of technology must indeed be as optimal as possible. Working with mature and accurate technology will make everything so easy. This is one of the foundations of the establishment of the institution.

  1. Enabling technology

In this case, the creation of lpse of the province of West Java  is  also intended to make the empowerment of technology more optimal. If technology is optimally empowered, effectiveness to efficiency in doing work will be achieved more easily and smoothly.

2 species related to  LPSE

In order to improve the service to the community, this institution is divided into several types. The two types associated with such settings are listed below:

  1. LPSE service provider

One of the types of LPSE is this device. The organizations owned by this institution include individuals responsible for the area of user services. There is also a chairperson, the field of verification and registration, in the field of socialization and training.   Everything is organized as well as possible to create an environment of good work

  1. LPSE-systeemprovider

In contrast to service providers, organizations are quite a lot in their arrangement. This is because this has its own website address. So they are responsible for managing the database and performing some other functions themselves.

For example, the system provider will socializethe sasito the purchase of goods and service providers, provide training, melayani, to verify some data. The data that needs to be verified usually starts with the deed, SIUP, KTP, to grant licenses based on their respective fields.

Server Manager is also performed by both of the above types. In this case, LPSE is indeed very necessary because electronic purchasing of goods will obviously facilitate everything. Not only that, but it will also become more transparent.

The implementation of the work will become easier and more responsible and the implementation of public expenditure will be more easily achieved. They are all performed with tasks and functions in accordance with those of lpse West Java.

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