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West Javenus Hinck balance Han Mannis, you have to try


Everywhere in Indonesia, there are many types of food of West Javanese dishes that can easily rub themselves. No doubt you have tried to eat delicious dishes elsewhere in Vere, and the menu in different parts of Indonesia is just as interesting.


Each region has a wide variety of natural resources and makes traditional culinary products distinctive in their own right between regions. We must recognize this wealth, and the Indonesian banquet is well-known around the world.


Hundreds of dishes that can be tested all over Indonesia, and hundreds of snacks, this sandwich estate is overtaken by hundreds of menus Street vendors have to make it easier for others to process and taste the flavor.


The types and recipes of sophisticated foods from West Java’s tradition are much available and preserved in West Java. Prices may be very easy to come by: the menu of Bandung in West Java or elsewhere in West Java is renowned for its sweetness, salt, spices or other flavors.


For those who love sweet dishes in West Java, you will find a wide variety of west Java dishes that can be cooked at home.” 5 varieties are mentioned here: This method is simple, and the results certainly resemble the original; you don’t need to go to West Java first; you can taste the flavor.


Traditional Burayot cakes related to wet bread

This West Javan culinary technique was originally from the Gerard region, which means that the name is from the Sundanese language and that it has a form of byyot or hanging. The beginning of the creation of this food was also accidental, and a resident of Garroux first lived in his home from brown rice flour and brown sugar.


It is quite easy to prepare components in the form of brown sugar and sand, then mix palm sugar, and reduce heat to the thickness of sugar and water. Add the rice wheat, and gradually slowly slowly and slowly.


The dough needs to be formed only as an apartment to dry it, and when the dough is turned, the oil can be used in hand. To dry the dough, the oil in the pan is to be heated, and after it is hot, the dough is added earlier.


This loaf contains sugar so it doesn’t take too long to dry;  the next  step  of the West Java dish expands for a while and a bamboo stick Using it to penetrate the middle and hang it while drying for a while, the pale Nan Limam can be tasted after taking a shower.


 Ongoall-Ongall spices from Sandanese

This food is famous on the northern coast of West Java, a food left behind by the Mongolian army in the 1200s. The server flour or so is sweet with vegetables, and its brown and coconut bite makes the appearance of this food quite attractive.


You only need to prepare brown sugar, brown sugar, panda leaves, water and coconuts, add a little salt and cook until cooked first, mixing casava wheat or your own wheat with water to make the vegetable.


It also ranges from this sweet West Jarvanian dish to heating brown sugar with pandan and water. Set aside, heat it with brown sugar in the next step, wait for it to warm up, cut into pieces and pack it in coconut before enjoying it.


Traditional Princess Nuncai made from  Myanmar

This namerefutes what it means as a princess: it comes from bananas covered in dough and is like bananas, which taste different because of its combination of coconuts, bananas and bananas.


To date, this meal is greatly enjoyed at a variety of Sandan family events, combining a little West Jarvanian dish with coffee or warm tea,   N with your family Using tapioca flour to make the structure of the interior bananas and bananas, this preparation will increase the excitement of the morning or evening It adds up.


Items that require bananas, salt and salt, such as tapiokaju or the same fabric, banana horn, sugar, immediate coconut milk, coconut leaf, Salt with bananas, banana leaves and salt, after giving the coconut a little salt until it is cooked, then cook first, then mix the tapioca wheat with other ingredients until the dough is styled.


Then, wrapped in leaves and  placed the bananas in the middle of Baggia, they were neatly  wrapped. It  evaporates until you cook a little, for cutting and wearing a coconut as you wish before enjoying it with a loved one.


Gemblong Swat cake with caramel cake

It is easy to form this sweet dish surrounded by a layer of sugar caramel in the tourist area of bogo pancakes. The interior of this cake is not just sweet sugar but coconuts and coconuts that add a wide variety of flavors.


The legal flavor should be a companion to drink warm alcoholic beverages, such as peaks, which also make it relatively easy. You  can make your own recipe for home delicious flavor and west Java spice at home.


Prepare ingredients such as coconut, salt, coconut milk, coconut milk, and coconut oil. How to mix and process the cruel rice wheat, and don’t forget to add salt for the flavor, and then slowly add the coconut milk until smooth.


This dough then shapes to look like a ring to dry later, prepare the hot oil and cook the ring until it is cooked yellow, eventually brown sugar and sugar. Cook the sugarcane by cooking it carefully so that it does not burn, and then from the  method for small West Javanese foods to obtain legal jewelry  Add a mixture of jewelry and sugar until evenly distributed, and keep it strong and dry before ready to eat.


 Misro Snacks made of cassava key information

Misro means that fishing internally is n dishes made from the key ingredients of casava and brown sugar. The resolution is relatively easy to find: this food is currently not just a traditional diet but just an ONTNTE that extends across  all walks of life.


It is very easy at home to produce these sweet foods, and prepare brown sugar and salt first. Brown sugar is added in the middle according to the taste, and the  last  step of this West German culinary technique is to  cook until cooking and then bathe before being enjoyed.

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