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Advantagesfor Panasonic Service Center swhen equipment is damaged

Panasonic’s service centers are useful for users of electronic devices when things go wrong. Once there, every problem must be solved. Of course, only parasonic-branded objects can be addressed there. The brand itself is already famous in the world. Its popularity in Indonesia is also very high.

His own age is more than 100 years old. The brand was first established in 1918. At that time, the founder was Konosuke Matsushita. Its own founding place is in Osaka Prefecture of Japan. The total number of employees reached only 300 thousand people.

Most likely, at home you must also have at least one Panasonic product. If you have problems with the product, be sure to go to the official store. Don’t make the mistake of making repairs in a normal place. The result obtained will not be the maximum. In fact, there are advantages when it comes to  Panasonic service centers.

The existence of professional technicians and official spare parts

The first advantage when it comes to full-fledged stores lies in the presence of professional technicians. Of course, these professional technicians will not be found when they arrive at the usual repair site. At such repair sites, technicians are employed who are not experts in Panasonic products. That’s because, those technicians are general.

This certainly makes his knowledge of the brand not very intact. These conditions will obviously affect the quality of the repairs made. Different things will be seen in professional  technicians from Panasonic’s service center. There, technicians are employed with a license and have been working for a long time.

In fact, every technician who enters the official store must be a specialist. It’s just that these professionals still have to go through training to understand Panasonic’s products  more fully. The existence of such training clearly makes expertise in this area more assured. The selection itself is very strict.

With choice, only the best technicians can be accepted. Another advantage of using a Panasonic service center  lies in the presence of official spare parts. Not all sparaeparts in Indonesia are original sparaeparts from the manufacturer. There are many KW parts that are also spread in the market.

Naturally, such spare parts are not of superior quality. When used on electronic devices, the results can cause the electronics not to function optimally. If you repair the device in a place of frequent repair, it is possible that the new spare parts used for the electronics are not the original parts.

Of course, this will be very disappointing for you as a consumer. If it comes to  Panasonic service centers, there is a possibility that such a bad thing will not happen. That’s because, the spare parts used there are imported directly from the original manufacturer. With it, the spare parts are guaranteed to be genuine. This obviously makes the repaired tool work again one hundred percent.

The price is the same and there is a warranty

Another downside when it comes to conventional repair sites lies in the price. Some people actually choose to go to the usual repair place to get a lower price. That’s because, most people hold to the principle that official stores always offer high prices. This statement is actually true.

The high price is given because of the official spare parts and professional technicians used. This makes sense as both guarantee the quality of repairs that consumers will receive. It will be useless even if you get a low price from a regular repair place butthe quality is not as desired.   There is no guarantee that the price is really low.

That’s because, the price comparison with Panasonic’s service center  has not yet been done. Suppose, the statement of its lower rate is made only when the comparison has been made. Otherwise, you can get scammed and get a more expensive price. Although it has a high price, it cannot be the case that someone is harmed when it comes to official stores.

That’s because an official store already has special terms where the price needs to be the same as other official stores. With it, the possibility of fraud is completely absent. In addition, the advantage of other official stores lies in the presence of a warranty. The warranty will make a person feel comfortable when the goods are repaired.

With warranty, claims can be made when the quality of repairs is not as desired. In fact, it is rare for consumers to claim a warranty when making repairs at  a Panasonic service center. That’s because the quality of the repairs offered is so good that warranty claims don’t need to be made.

However, the existence of a warranty is always provided to give consumers peace of mind. But always remember that there is a requirement to be able to claim a warranty. In essence, warranty claims can only be made if the damage is caused by repairs from authorized stores and remains within the specified period.

Call center for more information

Panasonic service centers  can be contacted through multiple phone numbers. That’s because, the number for each branch is different. To contact the nearest branch, you need to know the number of branches in advance. In addition to coming in person, you can also contact the nearest branch by asking the head office.

Panasonic’s headquarters  can be contacted through several numbers. The first number is 021-8015-710. If it can’t be reached because it’s full, you can also call 021-8090-108. To contact both, be sure to do it during business hours. Panasonic’s own business hours  are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In addition to calling, it is also possible by fax. The fax number is 021-8015-715. Also, the other fax number is 021-8088-3504. Similar to the previous number, fax numbers can also only be contacted Monday through Friday at 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you want a wider range. Customers can actually call 0804-111-1111. It is also the official point of contact of Panasonic’s headquarters. It is only on Monday to Friday that the phone number can be contacted from 8 am to 9 pm. In addition, his contacts are still reachable on Saturdays of the week.

It’s just a period of just 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you want something easier, Panasonic has also provided a communication feature through Whatsapp. The number itself is 0811-1660-770. For the last option, you can also contact via email at ccc@id address.

The most common problems in service centers

Panasonic  service centers  can handle all kinds of damage to products. However, there are some of the most common damages caused by electronic devices. The main damage itself lies in the fan inside the device. The fan has the main function of a cooler. In the presence of a fan, the temperature of the tool can remain normal.

Different things will obviously be seen when fans die. The temperature may rise beyond the limit. If it overheats, the device may turn itself off even while it is being used. Most often this is caused by dust in the product that is not cleaned regularly. Dust can penetrate the fan and interfere with its rotation.

Make sure to go to the service center if you experience equipment damage. Do not make the mistake of arriving at the usual place of repair. If the result is not as desired, it will definitely be very unfavorable. It is clear that there is a huge difference in quality between a regular repair shop and a  Panasonic service center.

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